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Big Clouds vs. “Flavortown” — How VG vs. PG Affects CBD E-Juices – LA Weekly

EntertainmentBig Clouds vs. “Flavortown” — How VG vs. PG Affects CBD E-Juices - LA Weekly


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When you first get into vaping CBD carts, you may get turned off by “non-natural-sounding” chemicals like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). However, customers will also notice that most CBD e-juices come with some percentage of these compounds. Heck, if you examined dozens of non-hemp foods and skincare, you’d see plenty of products with VG or PG.

VG and PG are essential for producing vapor when you load an e-juice into a compatible vaporizer. As long as companies provide third-party lab results, adult customers usually don’t experience adverse reactions due to VG and PG. However, the amount of VG to PG in your CBD vape carts may alter their flavor and feel. New vapers looking for CBD near me should learn how VG/PG affects e-juices.

What Do CBD Vapers Need To Know About VG vs. PG?

Interestingly, VG and PG are technically “sugar alcohols.” However, there’s no need to worry about feeling “drunk” when taking these substances. Vape manufacturers use VG and PG because they’re “generally regarded as safe,” and they’re excellent at creating high-quality vapor.

However, PG and VG have different pros and cons, which is why these compounds are typically combined in vape juices. First off, PG is way thinner than VG, which means it has a lower vaporization point. On the pro side, PG’s thin consistency improves discretion — but this comes at the cost of less cloud production.

Another significant difference between PG and VG is that the former has zero flavor. On the other hand, VG will add a slight sweetness to your vaping experience. People who prefer to taste the natural terpenes in their CBD e-juices will enjoy PG’s flavorless quality.

Thirdly, many people describe PG as a more intense “throat hit” that closely mimics smoking. People who don’t enjoy this slightly scratchy feeling may prefer the smoother texture VG offers.

What’s The Ideal VG/PG Ratio In CBD E-Juices?

Understandably, most CBD e-juice manufacturers use a 50/50 ratio of VG and PG when making their products. Since this balanced mix doesn’t favor either compound, it provides the max benefits for most customers.

However, some customers may not view the “pros” in VG or PG as “benefits.” For instance, people who are most interested in the pure flavor of their CBD e-juices don’t like VG’s extra sweet notes. Conversely, those who want huge clouds don’t enjoy the wisps of vapor that PG produces.

You’ll have to evaluate what type of vaper you are to determine whether you’d prefer a little extra VG or PG in your extract.

Is There Any Way To Avoid VG/PG When Vaping CBD?

Honestly, it’s hard to avoid VG and PG if you’re focusing on CBD e-juices. However, there are alternative ways to vape CBD. For instance, many customers rave about putting high-CBD hemp flowers in a dry herb vaporizer. However, please remember that not every vaporizer has dry herb compatibility, so you must ensure you’re using a compatible device before vaping CBD flowers.

There are also many CBD concentrates on today’s market that customers could use in certain vaporizers or dabbing rigs. For instance, CBD wax, shatter, and live resin can give a vaporizer-like experience without PG or VG.

Just keep in mind that CBD concentrates are way more intense than CBD e-juices or CBD hemp flowers — hence the term “concentrate.” Only people who have a fair amount of experience with CBD should think about using CBD concentrates. Also, there’s a greater risk that CBD concentrates will have solvent residue like butane. Please never order a CBD concentrate before reviewing a company’s third-party standards.

Whether You Like VG or PG, Find CBD Near Me On Real Tested CBD!

Since VG and PG are so prominent in the vaping sector, Real Tested CBD takes these metrics seriously when evaluating CBD brands. Our team constantly reviews the claims manufacturers make about their products after running them through our testing protocols. With every CBD product review on our site, you’ll see transparent lab details on how we reached our conclusions.

Please feel free to take advantage of Real Tested CBD’s countless hemp strain and CBD vape product reviews to find CBD near me.

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