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Not Many Know The Struggles: Entrepreneur on How He Got US Green Card After 15 Years

BusinessNot Many Know The Struggles: Entrepreneur on How He Got US Green Card After 15 Years

The journey to obtaining a U.S. Green Card is often long and arduous, filled with uncertainty and obstacles. For many immigrants, it symbolizes not just a legal status but the culmination of years of hard work, resilience, and hope. One entrepreneur’s story stands out, showcasing the incredible perseverance required to achieve this goal after 15 years of relentless effort.

The Beginning of the JourneyFifteen years ago, Raj Patel (name changed for privacy) arrived in the United States with dreams of building a successful business. Armed with a degree in computer science and a vision for innovation, Raj was optimistic about his future. He quickly found a job in Silicon Valley, where his skills were in high demand. However, the path to permanent residency was anything but straightforward.

Navigating the H-1B Visa Process

Raj’s first step was securing an H-1B visa, a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. Despite his qualifications, the process was grueling. The H-1B visa lottery system meant that even highly skilled professionals faced uncertain outcomes. Raj applied multiple times before finally being selected, marking the beginning of his long and complex immigration journey.

The Struggles of Visa Extensions and Work Restrictions

Holding an H-1B visa came with its own set of challenges. Raj faced the constant stress of visa renewals, which needed to be approved every three years. Each renewal required extensive paperwork, legal fees, and the looming fear of denial. Additionally, the visa restricted his ability to switch jobs easily or start his own business, a significant barrier for an entrepreneurial mind.

“I had so many ideas and plans,” Raj recalls, “but the visa restrictions felt like shackles. I couldn’t take the risks that entrepreneurs need to take to innovate and grow.”

The Long Wait for a Green Card

Raj’s employer filed for his employment-based Green Card, a process that is notoriously slow and bureaucratic. The wait times for Indian nationals, in particular, are significantly longer due to country-specific quotas. Raj found himself in a seemingly endless queue, where moving up the ladder felt like a snail’s pace.

During this time, Raj faced numerous personal and professional challenges. He saw colleagues receive their Green Cards while he remained in limbo. He watched as his peers advanced in their careers, unencumbered by the same restrictions. The emotional toll was immense, as was the pressure to maintain legal status.

Triumph and Reflection

After 15 long years, Raj finally received his Green Card. The moment was surreal, a blend of relief, joy, and a deep sense of accomplishment. Reflecting on his journey, Raj emphasizes the importance of perseverance and the support of his family and community.”

Not many know the struggles behind this achievement,” Raj says. “It’s easy to see the success, but behind it lies years of sacrifice, patience, and unwavering determination.”

Moving Forward

With his Green Card in hand, Raj is now free to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions without the constraints of visa regulations. He has already launched a tech startup aimed at solving critical problems in the healthcare sector. His story is a testament to the resilience and determination that define the immigrant experience in America.


Raj’s journey to obtaining a U.S. Green Card is a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by many immigrants. It underscores the complexities of the U.S. immigration system and the profound impact it has on individuals’ lives. As debates about immigration reform continue, stories like Raj’s highlight the need for a system that recognizes and rewards the contributions of immigrants who strive to make America their home.

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