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How an award winning short film director is working to help creatives avoid the pitfalls of evolving AI – LA Weekly

EntertainmentHow an award winning short film director is working to help creatives avoid the pitfalls of evolving AI - LA Weekly


As AI continues to become utilized by industries throughout the world it is becoming seen as a threat by many creatives and artists alike. In a world of abundant content AI gives people the ability to create an unlimited amount of music, films and imagery. With so much content that can be potentially generated by AI real artists face the risk of being put out of their jobs.

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Mikhail Saburov, writer and director

Mikhail Saburov, a writer and director based in Los Angeles, is sharing how he believes artists can maintain their grasp on their careers and continue to showcase their work to the world. Saburov says that as AI becomes more commonplace the focus will shift from the work itself to the artist and story behind it.

Saburov says creative works of art, whether it be painting, music or film aren’t always about the content but often it invokes an emotional reaction due to the human nature as well as labor involved. To help creatives use AI as a tool instead of losing their livelihoods to it, Saburov believes it can help artists to a certain degree if used properly. In his personal work as a screenwriter and director he has found it to be useful for editing and avoiding cliches.

One of the biggest strategies that Saburov believes creatives should implement is the ability to think about how they can apply their work into different areas of creativity. He says not being able to adapt and afraid of adapting to new things is one of the ways that AI can put creatives out of the job as it becomes adopted by the mainstream media.

“We can’t stop the progression of AI and how it will impact the lives of creatives all over the world and many of them may lose their jobs and have to rethink their lives,” says Saburov. “As artists, if we begin to rethink how we work now and start to apply our skills across a broader range of outlets then we can start to use AI as a tool instead of worrying how it will negatively impact us.”

Saburov describes the process in which AI recognizes patterns in data to produce content as similar to how people gather data though the experiences they were exposed to growing up in different cultures. This affects their perceptions of the world and for creatives it has a large influence on the types of content they produce. These similarities are what can give AI the ability to create works of art, which are increasingly becoming indistinguishable from those that are created by humans.

Recently Saburov held a webinar in which he spoke about how to use AI as a tool to advance the creative process and originality without letting it take over. He has found that when he is working with his students he is able to show them how the material they produce can be improved with AI. He does this to help them realize that using AI as a tool will give them a better chance at maintaining a hold over AI and not being replaced by it in the future.

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Mikhail Saburov: Untitled AI artwork No.1

Saburov has been a creative artist since a young age when he began attending a local theater school. Throughout his time there he developed a passion for the social environment and seeing his works of art come to life through film. For Saburov, art was a way to explore the gray areas of morality, exploring the human psyche and how it creates a connection between people and art.

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