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Low-Cost, High-Profit Business Idea: Turn Rs 2.5 Lakh Into Rs 3-4 Lakh With This Opportunity

BusinessLow-Cost, High-Profit Business Idea: Turn Rs 2.5 Lakh Into Rs 3-4 Lakh With This Opportunity


New Delhi: Smartphone accessories like tempered glass are really popular right now. These are produced in high-temperature glass heating and cooling devices. The tempered glass must pass all hardness testing, breaking tests, and dimension inspections in order to be utilised. In addition to silicon and enhanced protection, tempered glass also contains adhesive.

One crucial step in the production process is the glue that secures the tempered glass to the smartphone screen. (Also Read: Good News: Forgot ATM Card At Home? Now You Can Withdraw Cash Using UPI; Know How)

A tempered glass manufacturing business is only one of the various ventures that may be launched anywhere in the world, and its proprietor can still access the global market by just exporting the products. It is not necessary to lease an office. (Also Read: Unlocking Financial Freedom: Earn Rs 50 Lakh To Rs 80 Lakh Annually With This Unique Business Idea)

Tempered glass is more convenient to utilise in a number of demanding applications due to its strength and safety. Starting a business that sells mobile Tempered Glass is relatively easy. A tempered glass manufacturing business can be launched from the convenience of your home.

What Is Tempered Glass?

In contrast to regular glass, toughened or tempered glass has been strengthened by controlled heat or chemical processes. When tempered glass breaks, the regulated internal pressures created by the tempering lead the glass to crumble into tiny granular bits as opposed to splintering into sharp shards. The likelihood of damage being done is reduced with the granular chunks.

Glass is a substance that is fragile by nature. For better operational protection and practical qualities, it goes through a tempering procedure. The technique of tempering, often referred to as toughening, involves heating glass to extremely high temperatures in order to strengthen it and increase its resistance to breaking.

The bit becomes incredibly heat- and shock-resistant after being toughened. When it comes to resistance to breaking, tempered glass is four to five times stronger than annealed glass.

Tempered Glass Business Idea: Investment

Between INR 2.5 to 3 lakhs are invested in total.

Tempered Glass Business Idea: Profit

Tempered glass manufacture is one of the most innovative business ideas because it brings in between Rs 3 and 4 lakh per month.


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