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From New York City to the Middle East: Taylor Ross’s Journey as a Custom Furniture Designer – LA Weekly

EntertainmentFrom New York City to the Middle East: Taylor Ross's Journey as a Custom Furniture Designer - LA Weekly


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In the realm of furniture design, where artistry and craftsmanship merge, there is a quiet visionary who not only brings forth exquisite pieces, but also bridges cultures and continents. Meet Taylor Ross, the maestro behind Chronicle Home, a furniture haven using both bespoke and production methods to blend artisanal craft with modern design sensibilities.

In this piece, we delve into the fascinating world of a man who thrives on the delicate dance between cultures, languages, and craft.

Creating Furniture with Heart and Soul

At the heart of Chronicle Home lies a passion for the design of furniture that transcends mere utility. Ross, the founder and creative force behind the brand, brings a unique blend of artistry and technical prowess to every project. His designs aren’t just his designs; different artisans on different continents originate each piece. Each one participates in the design process and reaps financial rewards from sales as well. Only a few of the main designs of Chronicle Home are uniquely Ross’. Therein lies the heart and passion of Chronicle Home’s bridging function.

Ross’s journey as a custom furniture designer began with a desire to escape the mundane and embrace his true calling. A passion for aesthetics and sustainability combined to fuel Ross on a journey from quiet Arkansas pastures to adventures all over the world. With a dash of coming of age boyhood, he embarked on a path that would lead him to New York City, to Asia, and finally to Turkey.

The Bridge Between Worlds

What sets Ross apart is not just his eye for craftsmanship but also his ability to bridge the gap between continents and cultures. Fluent in five languages and living between the United States and Turkey throughout the year, he is uniquely positioned to serve a global clientele.

“Many people in the Middle East are looking into America to source products, and vice versa,” Ross explained. “Since we live in Turkey most of the time, I am able to bridge that gap for people who want the best artisans on their products. I can be there in person to create a seamless process.”

His role as a bridge extends beyond mere geography. Ross is the connection between elite designers and craft artisans in diverse worlds. He seamlessly integrates the essence of different cultures into his creations, resulting in furniture that not only exudes quality but also cultural richness.

A Journey Rooted in Purpose

Ross’ story is one of boldness, accident, and experimentation. It began with an exit from the American dream and grind to find something beyond materialism. Formed in the fire of trial and trouble while living in Russia and Mongolia, he took a leap of faith and cashed in his last savings. Armed with nothing but a vision, Ross put his all into forming Chronicle Home.

Launching the company in the heart of New York City, Ross faced the inevitable challenges that come with pursuing one’s passion. The first year was a tumultuous journey, full of trials and trouble. Friendships were tested, and Ross made the bold decision to entrust the business to a charity, turning himself into the CEO, effectively creating a benefit corporation.

“The decision wasn’t about making millions,” Ross reflected. “It was about ensuring that the business served a purpose beyond profits. If Chronicle Home ever makes billions, the humanitarian work will reap the rewards, and I will continue to lead as the CEO.”

Pure Aesthetic and the Love for Process

At the core of Ross’s work is a pure love for aesthetics and an unrelenting dedication to the process of creation. He doesn’t just design furniture; he immerses himself in the art of each piece, finding the materials and artisans that each give heart and soul to the project. The result is furniture that is simple to produce — with an artisanal focus — yet embodies a sense of timelessness and beauty.

For Ross, Chronicle Home is more than a business; it’s a labor of love, a testament to his commitment to craftsmanship, culture, and community. He has chosen a path less traveled, where the pursuit of transformation takes precedence over the pursuit of riches.

“Business should always transform something,” he says.

Ross, the visionary behind Chronicle Home, exemplifies the essence of a furniture designer who goes beyond normal processes. He seamlessly combines artistic flair with technical expertise and serves as a bridge between continents, cultures, and the world of elite design. His journey, rooted in purpose, flavored with aesthetic flair, and driven by desire for change, reminds us that true creativity transcends boundaries and transforms the world.

About Taylor Ross

With 4 shops on 4 continents, Founder of Chronicle Home, Taylor Ross, is the furniture designer with capabilities to provide the bridge between elite interior designers and craft artisans at volume. Ross’ claim to fame are his wooden bathtubs and sinks; his pieces have been featured by ICFF Miami, ICFF NYC, Wall Street Journal, KBB, and At Home Arkansas. For more information and to get help with a project, please visit https://thechroniclehome.com/contact

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