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Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow in 2024

BusinessTop 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow in 2024

1.Luke Belmar 

In his twenties, Luke Belmar has become a self-made millionaire through a remarkable online entrepreneurial journey. Starting with e-commerce and dropshipping, he explored avenues like branded stores and social media arbitrage. However, it was his bold move into cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, in 2016 that became the cornerstone of his financial success, turning a modest investment into a lucrative foundation for future endeavours.

Despite facing challenges, particularly a setback in the crypto market due to a lack of understanding of market cycles, Luke demonstrated resilience. In 2020, he rebounded by strategically reinvesting profits from e-commerce, highlighting the importance of calculated risks. Luke’s story underscores the transformative power of strategic decision-making, emphasising that success involves not just making money but strategically multiplying resources.

2.Nina Naustdal

Nina Naustdal stands out as an accomplished entrepreneur, recognized as “The Most Inspirational Woman in the World.” With a prolific career spanning fashion, entrepreneurship, music, acting, and wealth management, Nina has earned 11 prestigious awards, with another accolade awaiting at the House of Lords in February.

In her journey towards happiness and good health, Nina aspires to leave a positive legacy for her family. Over the past decade, she has demonstrated resilience and versatility as a businesswoman, designer, and entrepreneur, building a robust and diverse business platform.

Despite the challenge of always seeking the good in people, Nina remains steadfast in her commitment. Currently, she is gearing up to launch her sports brand, DonDunk, in April, and has a series of achievements lined up, including a House of Lords award, couture showcases, participation in the Leicester Square premiere of “Mr Hyde,” new music releases, and a collaboration with Mymanu on headphones.

Nina’s message emphasises self-belief, courage, and continuous learning, reflecting the profound beauty found in heartfelt experiences. Her narrative is one of resilience, ambition, and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the world through her entrepreneurial endeavours.

To learn more about Nina Naustdal’s inspiring journey and her insights into entrepreneurship, follow her on Instagram at @ninanaustdal or her brand, @dondunkuk .

3.Dhana Bunel

Dhana Bunel, a Colombian raised in Argentina, is more than an Influencer, Model, and CEO—she’s a devoted Mom and Entrepreneur. Despite a Political Science background, she ventured into the world of Instagram to share her fashion and lifestyle, ultimately leading to the creation of “Chez Graze,” a catering company with a French touch. As the Investment Director at 15/09 Consulting, Dhana’s quest for innovative projects led her to fill a void in well-being, birthing Chez Graze to bring freshness to the catering industry.

Chez Graze, known as “The Art of Gourmet Health,” emphasises eco-responsibility and health-consciousness. Dhana, inspired by figures like Keanu Reeves and Oprah Winfrey, envisions Chez Graze as a global influence for women, turning challenges into opportunities. Despite her trusting nature being a weakness, Dhana’s resilience, drive, and compassion are her strengths. With collaborations underway, her message to the public is simple but profound: Never abandon your dreams; embrace the challenge with bravery, for the journey may be tough, but it’s unquestionably worthwhile.

4.Spencer Rogich

In the exciting world of business, Spencer Rogich is a famous tattoo artist, creating stunning tattoos for well-known people. Beyond tattooing, Spencer is a smart real estate investor, making money by buying and selling houses. As a board member of Beekonnected, a new social media platform, Spencer excels at balancing creativity, financial savvy, and technology involvement.

Spencer, born in Ogden, UT, and raised in Syracuse, UT, is not just a business enthusiast but also an outdoor lover. Their hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, biking, and travelling, showcasing a passion for embracing the beauty of the outdoors.

Follow Spencer’s journey on Instagram @inked_era and TikTok @inkedera to witness their impact on the tech world as the face of Beekonnected.

5.Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson, a marketing luminary, traces his journey from a marketing enthusiast to an influential industry leader, transforming the entrepreneurial landscape globally. Renowned for founding the million-dollar product, ClickFunnels, he disrupted the business and marketing realms with innovative solutions. Beyond his marketing prowess, Brunson is a bestselling author, having sold thousands of copies online. His most impactful creation, ClickFunnels, empowers entrepreneurs to craft websites, landing pages, and marketing funnels effortlessly.

Brunson’s fascination with marketing began at the tender age of 12 when he found real entertainment in commercials rather than typical childhood shows. This early passion led him to explore various businesses, including collecting junk mail, as he immersed himself in understanding direct audience response. Russell Brunson’s story serves as an inspiration, offering valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

6.Carl Runefelt

Carl Runefelt, also known as ‘The Moon’ or mooncarl, is a distinguished figure in the crypto space as the co-founder of Kasta. Alongside co-founders Carl Roegind, Hans H Lusmagi, and Sebastian Appelberg, Runefelt is a serial entrepreneur, crypto expert, speaker, consultant, philanthropist, and millionaire. Renowned for his social media influence, he founded “The Moon” and co-founded Bitcoinsensus, an online platform educating individuals on successful crypto trading.

Bitcoin to $300,000: Influencer and Investor Shares Technical Analysis

Kasta, their blockchain alternative to mainstream mobile payments, seeks to propel global cryptocurrency adoption and a crypto-based economy. Simplifying crypto transactions, Kasta enables instant, fee-free, and secure global transactions, catering to users with no crypto knowledge. Runefelt emphasizes Kasta’s pivotal role in the transition from fiat to digital currency, particularly in international payments. Under his leadership, Kasta stands as a significant player in shaping the world’s shift towards a crypto-centric future.

7.Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi, an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and author, has founded and successfully exited three companies, with the largest sale amounting to $46.2 million in 2021. Alongside his wife Leila, they manage Acquisition.com, a portfolio of companies generating a remarkable $200 million annually.

How Alex Hormozi Built an Incredible Portfolio Up From Nothing - News |  Khaleej Times

Hormozi, author of bestselling books like “$100M Offers” and “Leads,” candidly shares his entrepreneurial journey, documenting lessons from a $100 million net worth to a $1 billion target. Their notable success stems from licensing their boutique gym model to over 5000 gyms globally, coupled with a supplement and software company. Having sold a majority stake for $46.2 million in 2021, they initiated Acquisition.com, a private equity firm focusing on minority investments in growing founder-owned businesses, boasting a 2023 portfolio of 16 companies generating $200 million yearly.

8.Isabella Rodriguez

Isabella Rodriguez stands as a formidable force in the real estate realm, earning her reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. Serving as the CEO of UrbanScape Developments, she has distinguished herself with a strategic vision that incorporates innovative urban planning solutions. Isabella’s leadership has significantly shaped the real estate landscape, positioning her as a standout figure among successful businesswomen to watch in 2024. Her influence goes beyond traditional real estate ventures, reflecting a commitment to pioneering approaches that redefine urban development.

With a track record of impactful contributions, Isabella Rodriguez continues to leave an indelible mark on the real estate sector, embodying the qualities of a visionary leader driving positive change in the dynamic world of property development.

9.Akshaya Dinesh

At just 20 years old, Akshaya Dinesh is disrupting the realm of email marketing with her innovative venture, Spellbound. Founded in 2021, Spellbound is a subscription-based company dedicated to modernising email communication by integrating interactive and immersive user experiences into marketing emails. Having secured an impressive $5.5 million in funding from investors such as Craft Ventures and Neo, Akshaya’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by rapid success. Her vision to inject a ‘charm offensive’ into inboxes signals a fresh and dynamic approach to engaging audiences.

As the CEO of Spellbound, Akshaya Dinesh is set to make waves in 2024, leveraging her strategic insights and creative solutions. With a commitment to transforming the traditional email marketing landscape, she stands as a beacon for young entrepreneurs, showcasing the potential for innovation and disruption within the tech and marketing sectors. The industry eagerly awaits the impact of Akshaya’s unique perspective and the evolution she brings to email communication.

10.Jessica Chang

At 18, Jessica Chang’s entrepreneurial journey began, transitioning from real estate to the life insurance sector by 19. Her swift rise placed her among the top 1% of leaders, breaking barriers as one of the youngest and only two female partners at a major life insurance firm. Advocating for financial freedom and remote work, Jessica empowers a team of entrepreneurs daily.

Her success, fueled by a passion for sales and a commitment to entrepreneurship, centers on prioritizing others’ needs, guided by the ‘Platinum Rule.’ Over the next 2-5 years, she aims to mentor others in establishing their insurance businesses, viewing growth through helping others succeed.

Jessica’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs includes embracing risk, mastering sales, and finding a mentor. Her journey exemplifies the power of mentorship and the significance of sales expertise in shaping a successful career. For more insights, follow Jessica on Instagram at @itsjesschang or visit itsjesschang.com.

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