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Apple’s Decade of Dominance: $1.65 Trillion in iPhone Sales, Global Leadership in 2023

BusinessApple's Decade of Dominance: $1.65 Trillion in iPhone Sales, Global Leadership in 2023

In a groundbreaking decade, Apple has raked in an astounding $1.65 trillion from iPhone sales, according to a recent report. In 2023 alone, the tech giant shipped an impressive 235 million iPhones worldwide, with 35 percent of users owning this iconic device, catapulting Apple’s cumulative sales revenue to unprecedented heights.

Notably, Apple’s iPhone secured its position as the most-used smartphone globally in 2023. The data, presented by AltIndex.com, indicates a remarkable surge in sold units, climbing from 153.4 million in 2013 to an impressive 235 million in 2023, showcasing a formidable 53 percent increase over the decade.

Apple’s cumulative iPhone shipments over the past ten years reached a staggering 2.3 billion units. In contrast, its primary competitor, Samsung, shipped 800 million more smartphones during the same period. The report emphasizes the pivotal role the iPhone has played in Apple’s financial success since its introduction in 2007, with its share in the company’s revenue continually growing.

In the first quarter of FY 2009, iPhone sales constituted approximately a quarter of Apple’s total revenue. This figure soared to an impressive 58 percent in the first quarter of FY 2024. Statista and official company data reveal that iPhone annual sales revenue practically doubled over the past decade.

Highlighting specific fiscal years, the report notes that in FY 2014, Apple grossed $101.9 billion from iPhone sales, a figure that escalated to $166.2 billion four years later. Despite a substantial revenue dip in FY 2019 and FY 2020 due to global spending cutbacks amid the pandemic, iPhone sales experienced an extraordinary resurgence, surging nearly 40 percent year-over-year and reaching $191.9 billion in FY 2021, showcasing the enduring strength and appeal of Apple’s flagship product.

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